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Heritage Ponds of Kolkata

To buy the book - Old Mirrors: Traditional Ponds of Kolkata
Visit KMC Bookshop at KMC HQ 5 S N Bannerjee Road, Kolkata 700013


Old Mirrors - Traditional Ponds of Kolkata 

Mohit Ray

Published by Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) in   January 2010. 

The book was released in Kolkata Book Fair 2010 by Sri Bikas Bhattacharya, the Mayor of the City of Kolkata. 

  • The book can be bought from KMC Bookshop at KMC Head Office, 5 S.N.Bannerjee Road, Kolkata 700013

Heritage Ponds of Kolkata was a project carried out by Mohit Ray with Ms Soma Ghosh with the assistance of a project of Sarai - Centre for Studies in Developing Societies, New Delhi
The project content was further detailed and was then published as book.

Mohit Ray, Ph D (Engineering) is an independent environmental consultant, active in environmental and human rights issues and runs a non-funded environmental group Vasundhara. He graduated from Jadavpur University and post-graduated from Manchester University in Chemical Engineering and did his doctoral thesis in engineering from Jadavpur University. He write regularly on environmental issues, has a number of publications and considered the foremost writer on environment in Bengali.

 He can be contacted at